Strike better relationship with your Gmail correspondents, with Strike!

Rapid Innovation in digital time

Seedstars World hosted its ‘start-up competition’ event in Bangalore in September, and they have a winner: Strike, which helps email users to sort out people inside their Gmail mobile app. Aishwarya Jain, Co-Founder & CEO of Strike, kindly answered Nicolas Bry‘s questions to let us discover Strike more in-depth.

1) Target, Usage

Strike is presented as similar to Rapportive, but built for mobile. It helps you look up people, find their social profiles and public updates, take quick actions, all of it right inside the Gmail app.

  • NB: Can you give us exemplary use cases for your service?

AJ: Strike aims to help people research simply on mobile. Here are few use cases:

  1. When a user receives an email from an unknown person; he/she can look up who the person is, before responding/ignoring the email.
  2. When writing to someone, a user can see what the person is…

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Experience working with an early stage startup!

This is one post that I’ve been wanting to write ever since I started working on AboutNumber. I am not an avid blogger, but hope to change that soon.

It all started here –

(don’t doubt my video editing skills😛 )

It was December 2012, the first time I met Sachin and Vivek. I was working with, and had to take their video to cover their startup story. I was impressed by the concept and their dedication. Being a developer (at least by education), I could connect with the problem they were going after. Continue reading

Farewell, HackerEarth

September 30, 2014.

It was an emotional day, last day with the startup where I spent the last 20 months! Being the first employee and taking the decision to leave to start-up, was very difficult. I was fortunate enough to be a part of this awesome team, seeing it grow from scratch to what it is now. It was an experience, that very few get to live, a team which many would die to work for, and the farewell that very few experience. Thank you HackerEarth, thank you Sachin, Vivek & the entire team!

Here is a photo from my Farewell, at HackerEarth:

Last day, with the team! :)

Last day, with the team!🙂

Here’s the farewell page by team HackerEarth –


Will blog my experience in the next post..